Expert Knowledge

When you call Miramar Plumbing Proyou can expect the highest quality of plumbing contractors to answer the phone and give you a free quote today. We can help you get an estimate on any plumbing job that you need. You need an experienced plumber to give you the answers directly. Give us a call today and see how we can help. 


Toilet Repair

When you hear that hissing sound coming form your toilet, you know your toilet is leaking water and it is costing you money. We can come out today to assess the problem and give you a free estimate. We know these problems are often emergencies so we offer a quick solution to Miramar residents, call us today at (754) 220-3904.

Pipe Repair

Your pipes could be leaking from inside the walls or they could be in the foundation of your home. Our plumbers have professional equipment that will tell them exactly where the pipe is damaged. Leaky pipes can cause more than just a headache, they can damage personal property and lower the value of your home. Usually the leaks come from joints where tape, compounds and joints can be a temporary fix but you want the professionals to replace the pipe or fillings. 

Sewer Line

Sewer line backups are one of the worst problems a homeowner can have, the smell is not good and the problem is hard to find. Miramar Plumbing Pro can come out and find exactly where the issue started. If the pipes are clogged past your homes property you may not have to pay for the fix. We can help you with that, call us today for a free quote

Fix & Replace

We understand that sometimes it makes more sense to replace the components of the problem, so we take the time to make sure we cant fix it before we move to replace. the plumbers we have in Miramar are trained to help you make the right and most affordable decision. Our team will be able to give you a reliable quote for both of these options helping you make the ,most informed decision possible.